Friday, June 8, 2007

Building the Ark

Lately, I feel like Noah.

Noah had a credible source that said it was going to rain. In fact, it was going to rain so much there was going to be a great flood. People saw him building his ark in preparation for the great flood that was to come. While some felt sorry for him, most of them thought he was crazy. Many people were even really mean about it.

But, Noah set about building his ark anyway. When it was built, he stocked it and filled it with the world’s creatures. His extended family believed in him, and they boarded the ark too. Then, it rained, and the rain turned to flood, and Noah and his family were saved from destruction.

While the credible sources aren’t quite so omnipotent, their wisdom, research and experience has made my mission clear. I think you see the parallel: I am the “crazy math lady” and whoever believes the flood is coming is welcome to join me on the ark. The message is compelling and comes from all the wonderful people who have come before me, many of them going to great sacrifice to teach me what I know today.

There are many Noahs confronting non-believers in their own corners of the world. We're all in the same "boat". We find strength in each other and share ideas on how to make our arks seaworthy. At some point, we get on with the business of building our arks and saving the people we care about, the people who believe in us, and most importantly, the children who depend on us. It has become our mission to protect them from a dangerous fate.

Noah’s story had a happy ending for those who had the foresight to believe the great flood was coming. Not so much for the ones who stayed behind and thought he was crazy. So keep building your ark, keep believing in the mission, and one day that dove will return with the olive branch while you admire the beautiful rainbow on the horizon.

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Independent George said...

While your source is not nearly as credible as Noah's, his source communicated only to him. Your source has been pretty much warning everybody about the flood for years.