Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Everyday Math Demystified

From a press release announcing the third edition of Everyday Mathematics 2007:

"We believe, with the information explosion and advances in technology, society today demands a more sophisticated understanding of mathematics, beyond simple computation skills," said Dr. Zalman Usiskin, director of UCSMP and a professor of education at the University of Chicago. "Our research has allowed us to develop mathematics programs that emphasize problem-solving, everyday applications, reading and the use of technology to help students eventually master higher level mathematics." press release

Parent's Glossary of Fuzzy Terminology:

1. information explosion: that one that happened two decades ago (NCTM Principles and Standards)

2. advances in technology: the calculator

3. sophisticated understanding of mathematics: "Egyptian" method

4. beyond simple computation skills: your child will learn to draw a "lattice"

5. research: schools receiving "complementary" books and training services and/or with state standards aligned with the "information explosion" (see point #1)

6. problem solving: how Kumon and/or Sylvan might solve your "problems"

7. everyday applications: Making lists of "round objects", adding lots of P's, N's, D's and Q's, describing the "color" of math

8. reading: because language arts, social studies and history just aren't enough

9. use of technology: how to use a calculator (see point #2 advances in technology)

10. eventually master higher level mathematics: someday, if your parents spend lots of time and/or $$$ plugging the gaps or the spiral actually works

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Catherine Johnson said...

My husband is a historian.

As a historian he is confident in saying there is no such thing as 21st century skills.

People always want to think a Whole New Era is upon us when the centuries change.

Not true.