Monday, June 18, 2007

College Grad Shortage Predicted

A Test of Leadership: Committing to Advance Postsecondary Education for all Americans

Excerpts from Margaret Spellings' prepared remarks before the Boston Higher Education Summit June 18, 2007

"Our country’s investment in higher education has yielded a tremendous return. Our colleges and universities have given generations of citizens the ability to pursue the American Dream and have long been the envy of the world.

But recent data shows we’re in danger of losing that position.

By 2012, we will have 3 million more jobs requiring a bachelor’s degree and we won’t have the college graduates to fill them.


Too many of our high schools are failing to prepare students for college and the workforce. In addition to an epidemic dropout rate, less than half of those who do graduate are ready for college-level math and science.

Taking rigorous classes in high school is the best way to increase college access and success."

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