Friday, June 15, 2007

More Simpson's on Math...

A tale of the Mayflower's voyage is told with Springfield residents on board

Reverend: Oh, I guess we'll never make it to the New World.

Bart: Oh. When we landed I was going to denounce my sister as a witch.

Lisa: I keep telling you, the ability to add two-digit numbers is not witchcraft.

Bart: 31 plus 43.

Lisa: 74.

Group: Witch! Witch! Witch!

If you were wondering how the writer's come up with this great stuff, here's an interview with Jeff Westbrook, who has a bachelor's degree in physics and the history of science from Harvard University and a PhD in computer science from Princeton University. He also was an associate professor at Yale and worked at AT&T Labs before writing for The Simpsons.

Westbrook is in very good company. Here's a summary of eight Simpson's writers with math backgrounds. The list is quite impressive with magna cum laudes and lots of Harvard grads.

It is this blogger's opinion that anyone who argues that serious students of mathematics cannot be creative or that learning standard algorithms somehow stunts a child's ability to think outside the box, should really watch The Simpsons.

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