Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Serving at the sufferance of the public


Local school boards, because they are the decision-making body closest to the classroom, play a central role in setting a new course. It is they who have the ultimate responsibility to bring high quality teaching in mathematics and science to our schools. It is their job (within some state imposed guidelines) to set local instructional priorities and policy, to determine budgets, and to set salary scales. Perhaps most important of all, it is school boards that are accountable—to citizens, parents, and taxpayers alike—for the education our children receive. Whether elected or appointed, school board members serve at the sufferance of the public. But to be accountable, school boards must be held accountable. They must be called on to interpret their actions and justify their decisions. And in America, making them responsive is the people’s job.
Parents, let's all do our jobs so that the school boards do theirs.

Quoted from:

Before It's Too Late
A Report to the Nation from The National Commission
on Mathematics and Science Teachingfor the 21st Century, p. 36


Kim said...

One of the parents in Region 15 tried to get some accountability. The superintendent of the district basically blew her off.


concernedCTparent said...

Sadly, not an unusual result. I have to say the asst sprdt has been a good listener in our district. We'll see.

By the way, great post! Thanks for the link. I'll be checking in often.