Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fighting Terrorism with Math

Want to eliminate a terrorist cell?
Call a mathematician.

Terrorists and extremists lurk about the Internet recruiting new members, planning attacks and spreading propaganda and it takes math to find them. As part of our own country's counterterrorism efforts, researchers in math, computer science, and criminology come together as part of the NSF sponsored Dark Web project at University of Arizona to track them down by connecting the dots of information. In an effort to emphasize the importance of math in counterrorism efforts, the Rochester Institute of Technology is hosting a conference bringing together mathematicians and interdisciplinary scholars from Denmark, Germany, England, Canada and the United States. The message is clear-- mathematics may be one of our most effective "weapons" in the fight against terrorism.

“I really think that people need to realize how important math will be in the war against terror,” says Bernard Brooks, one of the conference coordinators and an assistant head of research programs in RIT’s School of Mathematical Sciences.

“Chemistry was the science for World War I. Physics was the science for World War II. Now, math will play a critical role in the war against terror.”

So when your child asks you why math is such a big deal or you're simply at your wits end with fighting the good fight against reform math, just remind yourself that it's not just the math wars you're fighting... it's so much bigger.

Math is our "quiet weapon" against terorrism and we need to nurture our budding mathematicians.
That child you happen to play a role in preparing for advanced mathematics may just grow up to save lives someday.


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