Friday, December 7, 2007

A wake up call for America

"Structurally, the American education system is broken." -- Tim Draper

Two Million Minutes


Instructivist said...

I hadn't heard of this work before. It should be broadcast or be availabe as streaming video.

A lot of focus as with Gates is on high schools. I tend to think that the major damage is done in elementary through middle school. That's where the focus should be. How can a student learn algebra if he still doesn't know math facts, fractions, percents, proportions and basic geometry?

concernedCTparent said...


I know our state just received a big fat grant to beef up math and science education. Guess where it's all going? The High Schools. For too many students, it's much too late by then.

The breakdown is happening at the elementary level and yet so little focus is placed on those crucial developmental years.