Saturday, August 11, 2007

Making math "cool" again

I've been following Danica McKellar recently as I find having a positive role model for girls so very refreshing. I'm pleased to see her getting great PR and was particularly happy to see that she was chosen as ABC News Person of the Week.

I purchased Danica's recently launched book for my daughter and so far she is enjoying it very much. She already loves math and considers herself quite able but I think making math "cool" or "hip" or whatever kids are using these days to indicate something in vogue, is fantastic. The format of the book turns a significant and crucial subject into fun and light reading. I have to give it Danica, that cannot have been an easy thing to do.

I hope Danica accomplishes what she's set out to do for young girls but I'd also like to see her make it cool for boys too. She equates the benefits of working on your math skills to the benefits of a good workout routine for your body. It's hard work and it makes you break a sweat but the end result is worth the struggle to get there. That's just good advice for everybody, isn't it?

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